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Ground Cover Fabrics, landscape fabrics, 4.1oz, 20 Year
1. The description of the ground cover fabrics
This 4.1oz ground cover fabrics or weed barrier is made from woven polypropylene fabric and is designed to be semi-permanent with a 20 year expected lifespan. Woven polypropylene, needle punched fabric with reinforced fiber ideal for weed control and soil support. Easy to cut, unroll and install and is easily secured with ground staples, stakes or spikes. A tightly woven polypropylene ground cover fabric designed to prevent weed growth and still allow water, air and nutrients to pass through. Special ultra violet inhibitors give the ground cover an extended outdoor life.
2. The specifications of the ground cover fabrics
Roll Size:
Port: Qingdao China;
Minimum order quantity: 18tons/40’continaer
Supply ability: 120tons per month
Payment terms:L/C, T/T
Delivery time: 20days after deposit
3. The features of the ground cover fabrics
Black color prevents light penetration
Needle punching provides stability on slopes and moisture permeability
Color stripes 12 inches apart make for easy plant spacing/planting
4.1oz fabric is a great balance of strength and cost
The 20 year weed barrier product is the best in the industry for cost-conscious professional and commercial installations. Featuring a rugged 4.1oz woven polypropylene fabric which is designed to resist rotting and degradation, The fabric is needle punched to allow water, air and nutrients to slowly seep through while preventing all weeds from growing.
4. The application of the ground cover fabrics
Under containers & nursery stock
Greenhouse pathways
Under benches
5. The benefits of the ground cover fabrics
Inhibits weed growth
5 year U.V. stabilization
Will not rot, mildew or become brittle in cold weather
Air & water permeable
Puncture & tear resistant
Stripes every 12”for easy plant alignment Ground Cover factory
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