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Chemical Dosing Device introduction
Automatic Chemical Dosing Device component  includes solution tank, mixer, metering pump, Y type filter, safety valve, back  pressure valve, check valves, pulse damper, a water level gauge, pressure  gauge, control cabinet, mounted on a base installation platform integration.  Users only need to combined type dosing device placed between the dosing and  dosing pipe connected to the power supply can be a good start into operation,  in the running process of the automatic detection of the fluid pH intelligent  judgment and investment and the corresponding solution, the factory of the  whole device, greatly reduce the workload of design and construction, the basic  realization of unattended, on the overall quality, safety and site operation  provides a reliable guarantee.

Features of Chemical Dosing Device
1.Automatically Operate
2.Amount of the powder feeding is  exactitude
3.SUS304 crust, all imported parts
4.All message is output by touch
5.Guarantee the treatment effect, avoid  waste
6.Attractive appearance
Chemical Dosing Device advantages
1.Full automatic operation including  automatic dosing, dissolving and feeding.
2.Quantitative chemical feeder measures  accurately, and it uses the limitless transmission gearbox drive, those can  adjust the dosing capacity conveniently.
3.The range of dosing density is large.
4.High automation under the functions of  liquid level control, material testing and vibration auxiliary feeding.
Packing and Delivery
Sewage Water Treatment Equipment price
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