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About Ductile Iron Repair Clamp:
Can be installed under pressure.
Enables easy repair in conditions where other pipes are in close proximity.
A reliable and permanent leak tight seal on circumferential or longitudinal cracks.
Available from DN50 to DN300.
Connection for all pipe;
Working pressure PN10/16;
Maximum temperature -10 +70;
Suitable for potable water, neutral liquids and sewage;
WRAS approved.
Corrosion resistent construction.
Type Test:EN14525/BS8561
Ductile Iron:EN1563 EN-GJS-450-10
With over 30 years' experience in pipeline solve industry, RAYTHAI is a professional manufacturer of easirange universal wide tolerance repair clamp in China. Also known as one of the leading suppliers, we have experienced designing and technical teams at your service. Please be free to buy cheap products with us.China leak repair manufacturer
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