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Calpack™ 250/250C Automatic L Shrink Wrap Sealer
+ Calpack™ CT 120 Heat Shrink Tunnel   (CE)
1.L type automatic shrink machine and heat tunnel both work in one time.
2.Safer and easier to shrink and seal machine, protect workers and operate effectively.
3.Film sealed strongly and straight seam to get perfect performance.
4.E-stop at a very easy to reach position so can adjust packing area easily.
5.Digital temperature control can improve shrink and seal machine packing results.
6.Longer equipment duration than other automatic shrink machines.
1.Automatic length detection to shrink easily
2.Easy adjustment for width and height to seal
3.Japan import Hot knife sealing system
4.Japan import High quality silicon pad
5.Japan import silicon pad
6.Japan import PLC control options
7.Touch Screen User Interface
8.Variable speed
9.1.5 meter long infeed belt conveyor
L sealer working theory
Automatic L type shrink wrap sealer is designed to make loose non-rigid bags over the product by sealing the film edges (seal only) with a 90°L  type right angle sealing knives. This  to make packs with the film clinging to the product by sealing the heat shrink film over the product and then applying heated air around the pack to shrink the film (seal and shrink).
The machine can be used with a variety of shrink films with thickness of 15 microns to 75 microns. The film used must be centre-folded and can be pre-perforated. In case of non-perforated film, the machine is provided with perforator pin-wheels to make the air evacuation holes on the film during the packing process. The machine is capable of production speeds of up to 2000 packages per hour depending on the product size and type of film used but mostly it will use POF shrink film to meet the applications of packaging.
CALPACK™250/250C   CT120B
Technical parameters  Technical parameters
Speed of packing18-22 /minSpeed of packingLive rolls:more than 20m/min
Sealing AreaL x W:560 x 430 mmTunnel DimL x W x H:1200 x 430 x 200 mm
Max ProductL x W x H:500x380x120mmMax ProductW x H:400x150mm
Min Product Length StandardStandard Type100mmMin Product Length60mm
Closing Type(250C)50mmPower380-415v/3 phase / 50-60 Hz
Power220-240v/1 phase / 50-60 HzHeater8kw
Heater1.3KwMachine DimL x W x H:1470x 630x 1430 mm
Machine DimL x W x H:1600 x 930 x 1470mmWarranty12 months
Warranty12 months  
* Note :
1. CALPACK™250C has almost the same features with CALPACK™250, the only difference is the minimum product length standard.
2. Product Dimensions are subject to maximum sealing area. Pass height and film width available.
3. Speed depends on product dimensions as well as film used.
4. Special Voltages available on request.
Machine Features  Machine Features
Film clamps for strong seals and product safetyThe furnace hot air circulating design for shrink heat tunnel
Electric eye detection system , the product automatically detectsSides and bottom of the wind machine can be adjusted
PLC control optionsConveyor speed is adjustable
The width and height can be adjustedDigital temperature control
Digital temperature controlAutomatic cool down for delayed power cut off
Digital time relayCE Certification
CE Certification
Machine Structure Machine Structure
The machine Uses the imported paint powder paint , advanced painting technology , the surface is not easy to wearThe machine uses the imported paint powder, advanced painting technology, the surface is not easy to wear
Easy to operate ,strong and durable constructionEasy to operate ,strong and durable construction
High quality Silicon padConveyor speed can be adjusted
Teflon coated sealing cutterHigh quality heating wire for heat tunnel
Long life tubular heatersWind speed adjustment
Suitably guardedLive rolls
Easy to operate control panel
After Service
Operators training course---
We will send the check list and operation video to discuss on social program to do operation training including-------
a) Machine start up
i.Power supply check up
iii.Adjust air pumper
iv.Adjust temperature
v.Adjust sealing time
vi.Install film
b)Packing training
i.Adjust film roller
ii.Prevent packaging defects training,
1.Anti-Ballooning process
2.Anti-dog ear process
3.Anti-wrinkle process
4.Anti-burning holes process
5.Anti-seam split process
c)Daily Maintenance
d)Monthly Maintenance
e)Basic repair
Troubles shooting training
1.we will send the check list and operation video to discuss on social program
2.We will send our experienced technicians to fix the problems but the accommodation and traveling fee will charge to our clients overseas.
Cosmetics: Calpack™ 250 L Shrink Wrap Sealer serials with POF shrink film provide the high quality packing performance in this business field.
There are many manufactures using Calpack™ 250 serials to improve their products displaying and products protection about anti-dust, water and odors purposes.
Calpack™ 250 serials L shrink wrap sealer provides additionally visual impact, an aspect that is vital for cosmetics especially. Their high stability for example enables standing or hanging commercial presentation.
Calpack™ 250 L Shrink Wrap Sealer serials with POF shrink film is able to provide safe and friendly shrink-wrapped results for pharmaceuticals. It's not only the excellent packaging performance but also the good protection of duration for medical products and healthcare.
Regarding the health concepts and consumer’s consideration Calpack™ 250 L Shrink Wrap Sealer serials with POF shrink film has a best solution to save the remedy safely and easy to access and take due to its high transparent exterior.
The outstanding performance of Calpack™ 250 L Shrink Wrap Sealer serials with POF shrink film is suitable for parts of automobiles industries to keep the explicit usage and anti-trust required.
It also is good for warehousing and logistic inventory to ensure the quality control process on track.
As long as our respectful automobiles industrial clients focus on the quality control and consumer protection oriented.
Calpack™ 250 L Shrink Wrap Sealer serials with POF shrink film is the best choice and long term reliable partners.
Calpack™ 250 L Shrink Wrap Sealer serials with POF shrink film provides the food package with stainless steel CE certificate and FDA certificate guaranty for Calpack™ cross-linked POF shrink film.
The L shrink wrapper offers two operations in one way action that can pack the fresh or cooked food immediately with extraordinary packaging results.
Either the food need to pack is in regular containers or its irregular shape naturally.
Beverage & Snacks
Calpack™ 250 L Shrink Wrap Sealer serials with POF shrink film for the purposes of packing food and snacks is professional choice due to its perfect sealing seam with strong and solid physical strength of Calpack™ POF shrink film.
The requirements for long shelves life, good eye-catching, anti-dust, anti-water and anti-oxidation can be completed by Calpack™ 250 L Shrink Wrap Sealer serials easily and quickly.
Full-more is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of automatic l sealer and ct120 shrink tunnel machine. We are committed to offer customers the best wrapping or sealing products at reasonable price. With world's leading technology, we warmly welcome you to buy our high quality machines which is for sale now.cover sealing machine for sale
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