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CPE resin is one kind of high molecular material made of high-density polythene resin after chlorination reaction. It’s white powder, non-poisonous and scentless.
According to it’s application, it can be classified :CPE135A(impact modifier for plastic product) and CPE 135B(rubber type).
◆With good impact modifier characteristic and flexibility
◆ Good chemical resistance
◆ Excellent high and low temperature and weather resistance
◆ Good fire resistance
◆ With good compatibility with PVC, PE and ABS
◆ Excellent processing performance
◆ Good filling characteristic
Main application of CPE
◆ CPE is an excellent impact modifier and cost effective , it can improve the shock strength and low and high temperature resistance when it be used in rigid plastic pipe and fittings and so on.
◆ CPE with good fire resistance characteristic and can be compatible with ABS, so can be used as the ABS’s fire resistance.
◆ CPE with a good filling characteristic for iron oxide magnetic powder, the magnetic material with CPE having the low temperature flexibility, and it is widely uesd as the sealing strip and magnetic card of refrigerator.
◆ Semi-rigid plastic products and Soft plastic products.
CPE as the nonmigratory plasticizer for macromolecule, it can improve the product’s softness and aging resistance performance. It can be used as the production of cables and cords,improving the wear-resisting and aging-resisting and 、insulation; also can improve the low temperature and weather resistance of film and hose.
◆ Good chemical resistance and machine oil resistance
◆ Good low temperature flexibility and fire resistance
◆ Good thermal aging and weather resistance characteristic
◆ Good bending resistance
◆ It can be mixed with CR and NBR to improve their performance and also can be used lonely as the special rubber.
Main application of CM
◆ The non-sulfide products: mainly used in the production of high-grade waterproofing materials and magnetic rubber.
◆ The sulfide products :mainly used as the production of cables and cords sheath(mine cable and marine cable and locomotive cable)、conveyor belt 、Corrosion resistant seal and rubber hose for cars(such as oil-conveying pipe、hose for air)、rubber dam、rubber track plate and so on.
“GAOXIN”CPE brand and specification
GAOXIN Chemical can offer you 4 brands. It can satisfy the customers in plastic and cable and cord field. In addition, we can according to your specific requirement to produce CPE and CM for you.
4 main products technical data
1Chlorine content %30±235±235±240±2
2Heat of Fusion/(J/g) ≤2222
3Volatile content/% ≤
4Sieving remainder(0.9mm sieve pore)/% ≤22--
5Impurity particles/(pieces/100g) ≤5050--
6Ash content /% ≤
7Mooney viscosity ML(1+4)125℃ ≤--100120
8Elongation at break /M Pa ≥8866
9Shore hardness(Shore A) ≥65656065
CPE130Low chlorine content,flexibility is good at low temperature,Large amount of magnetic powder fillingmagnetic material, such as Seal strip of refrigerator
CPE135High molecular,good mechanics,impact modifier of plasticsPVC profiles, pipes, fittings, plates, etc.
CM135Moderate molecular, Mooney viscosity during 50-90Cables and cords、hose、rubber products,etc
CM140High chlorine,good fire and oil resistance,high Mooney viscosityFire and oil resistance products, such as mine cables, oil resistance hose,etc.
4 kinds products characteristic and application
packing and specification:
This product adopts polyethylene bags for internal use and polypropylene bags for external use with net weight of 25 ± 0.2kg per bag.
●Storage and transportation:
CPE resin shall be stored in the dry and ventilated warehouse with stack height no more than 10 bags and avoid solarization, damp and takes strict precautions again stress. It is not dangerous cargo.CPE
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