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Dry Maserbatch Product Introduction
Dry maserbatch is also called Water Absorber Masterbatch/Water Absorption Masterbatch/Anti Foam Masterbatch which is widely used in Recycled PE/PP plastic raw materials to help you reduce production cost
Dry Maserbatch Parameters
Index Value
CaO 70%-80%
Carrier PE
MFI/MFR(190℃/21.6KG) 35-50
Valid time 20-48 hours
Moisture(<%) 20%
Appearance White defoaming mother granule
Recommended Diagnose 2%-5%
Density(25℃,kg/m³) 1.5-1.75±0.1
Eco Friendly ROHS(SGS)
Dry Maserbatch Applications
Blow film, flow film, pipe, sheet
Dry Maserbatch Effect
1.We are manufacturer and we have our own factory.
2.We can offer you a competitive price and high quality than other suppliers.
3.We can provide free sample for your testing.
4.We can ensure a quick delivery date.
5.We have various payment terms, like L/C, D/P, T/T for your choice.
Dry Maserbatch Advantage
Water absorption rate is high  
Dispersing evenly
Not blocking the net
The flow rate is fast
Dry Maserbatch Test Equipment
Our Company
Honor Certification
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