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1.Abstract of TPE
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a kind of high strength, high elasticity and thermoplastic rubber with hardness, excellent coloring,soft, weather resistance, and fatigue resistance. Also, it is not curing and can be recycled to reduce costs. In addition, it not only can be second injected, but also be formed separately. It is vulcanized rubber. And it can be described as a combination of advantages of plastic and rubber.
2. TPE of well-known brands VS HUNA TPE
1. good performance1. good performance
2. Premium quality2. Premium quality
3. Premium pricing3. reasonable pricing
4. Trading through middlemen4. direct access to manufacturer
3. Benefits of Overmolding
Overmolding is the injection molding process where one material (usually a TPE) is molded onto a second material (typically a rigid plastic). If properly selected, the overmolded TPE will form a strong bond with the plastic that is maintained in the end-use environment. The use of primers or adhesives is no longer required to achieve an optimum bond between the two materials.
With improvements in TPE materials technology, overmolded part designs have become less dependent on mechanical interlocks to hold a TPE in place. Chemical bonds between TPE and rigid materials offer improved part integrity and longevity while eliminating the need for adhesives or surface pre-treatments. System performance can be further optimized by including both chemical and mechanical bonds in the part design. The net benefit is greatly expanded design freedom.
4. TPE’s Application
Design engineers choose TPEs for improved ergonomics, enhanced grip performance, improved aesthetics, and critical impact protection. Applications that benefit from TPE overmolds range from consumer goods to medical insruments to industrial tools and can include knobs, handles, gaskets, seals and grips.
5. Product characteristics
1) environmental-friendly, non-toxic, tasteless
2) good liquidity, strong adhesion
3) smooth surface, comfortable touch
4) Fatigue resistance
5) Stable process performance
6) corrosion resistance, good electrical performanceTPE Overmolding Onto POM sizes
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