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Our History
In 2004, Jiangsu Intco Medical Products Co., Ltd was set up for manufacturing cold and hot therapy products. During the past 13 years, we focus on designing and manufacturing qualified cold and hot products for our customers, which is from area of first aid, retail store, hospital and much more. Our offices are spreading all over the world, including USA, Germany, Canada and Malaysia. Till now, we have more than 500 persons and we will have big development in the near future.
Our Factory
The facility is covering over 70,000 square meter place, 3 buildings for production and 2 buildings for warehouse. The total person is more than 500. The location of facility is very convenient, which is only 4.5 kms from Zhenjiang Port; and 310 kms from shanghai port.
The turnover capacity is 90-100pcs 40GP container per each month.
Our Product
Instant cold pack, Instant hot pack, Reusable gel pack.
Product Application
First aid/Retail store/Pharmacy store/Hospital/Beauty business/Sports Care/Pet Care and so on.
Our Certificate
FDA, CE, ISO13485, ISO9001, BSCI
Production Equipment
Automatic machine of cold pack
Production Market
Mainly focus on USA markets. We had built with lots of customers in hospital and chain store area.
Our service
We focus on providing best solution for customers, including:
1)Products design & research;
2)Production Quality Control & In-time Shipment
3)Rapid feedback & solution to any question during selling Heat Patch quotation
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