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Fork joint and forked head
technical informations
Materials: high quality carbon steel, surface electroplated with environmental blue and white zinc.
Profile machining, not forging or casting
Safety collar
Spring steel, hardened and tempered, galvanized, and blue blunt.
Assembly: GN751 type fork joint consists of a DIN71752 type forked head. Pin hole(d) is provided with standard thread. DIN71752
-A type: Forked pin equipped with KL shaft security device
-B type: Fork pin equipped with lock spring.(M5-M16).
Other standard models can be provided
-L type: Pin hole with left-hand thread(d).
-FG type: Pin hole with fine thread(d).
Class 2AA±.030D±030E
-0l±.012J Ref.L±.060
10-32 RH2.000.750.125.438.1875.500.15651.000
10-32 LH2.000.750.125.438.1875.500.15651.000
1/4-28 RH2.250.750.125.438.1875.500.15651.250
1/4-28 LH2.250.750.125.438.1875.500.15651.250
5/16-24 RH2.250.750.188.625.2500.875.21851.250
5/16-24 LH2.250.750.188.625.2500.875.21851.250
5/16-24 RH2.250.750. 188.750.3125.875.28101.250
5/16-24 LH2.250.750.188.750.3125.875.28101.250
3/8-24 RH2.000.750.250.625.2500.875.18751.000
3/8-24 LH2.000.750.250.625.2500.875.18751.000
3/8-24 RH2.250.750.188.750.3125.875.28101.250
3/8-24 LH2.250.75 +.03
- .05.188.750.3125.875.28101.250
1/2-20 RH2.250.750.250.750.31251.000.25001.500
1/2-20 LH2.250.750.250.750.31251.0+.012
1/2-20 RH2.250.750.250.875.37501.000.31251.500
1/2-20 LH2.250.750.250.875.37501.000.31251.500
1/2-20 RH2.7501.000.3125.875.37501.000.28121.500
1/2-20 LH2.7501.000.3125.875.37501.000.28121.500
1/2-20 RH2.7501.000.3750.875.37501.000.25001.500
1/2-20 LH2.7501.000.3750.875.37501.000.25001.500
1/2-20 RH3.3751.125.37501.000.43751.125.31252.000
1/2-20 LH3.3751.125.37501.000.43751.125.31252.000
5/8-18 RH3.3751.125.3750.875.37501.125.25002.000
5/8-18 LH3.3751.125.3750.875.37501.125.25002.000
5/8-18 RH3.3751.125.37501.000.43751.125.31252.000
5/8-18 LH3.3751.125.37501.000.43751.125.31252.000
5/8-18 RH3.3751.125.37501.125.50001.300.37502.000
5/8-18 LH3.3751.125.37501.125.50001.300.37502.000
3/4-16 RH3.3751.125.3750.875.37501.125.25002.000
3/4-16 LH3.3751.125.3750.875.37501.125.25002.000
3/4-16 RH3.3751.125.25001.125.50001.300.43752.000
3/4-16 LH3.3751.125.25001.125.50001.300.43752.000
3/4-16 RH3.3751.125.37501.125.50001.300.37502.000
3/4-16 LH3.3751.125.37501.125.50001.300.37502.000
1). Material: 4130 Chrome Moly
2). Do not scale drawing.
3). Unless otherwise specified, all dims are in inches.
4). Remove burrs
5). All centerline axis of the holes must be located within ±.006 relative to the corresponding center line axis of the part.
6). Inside and outside flat surfaces of legs must be parallel within ±.006 of the center line axis of the part.
7). Dim E, F& l must be equally spaced (symmetrical) relative to the center line axis of the part within ±.006.
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