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Silicon Dioxide Phosphite Liquid Fertilizer For Tomato And Turfgrass
Introduction of Silicon Phosphite
Silicon phosphite fertilizer, in form of silicon dioxide phosphite, has been shown a key element in cell structure and plant immune system. Silicon provides rigidity to stems and leaves and improves plant photosynthesis. Silicon reduces transpiration and water loss of plant and protects the plant from insects and disease.
The phosphite ion supplies a prophylactic effect against specific oomycetes, strengthens the stem and the roots against infection by phythopthora and other diseases and prevents rotting in situations of high humidity.

Overview and Specification of Silicon Phosphite
HS CODE28351000
AppearanceDark Brown Clear Liquid
Release TypeQuick
ShipmentBy Sea or Air Within 15 Working Days After Order Confirmed
Package25kgs/Barrel 250kgs/Barrel 1000L/IBC Tank or OEM
Potassium Oxide (K2O)8% w/v (80 g/l)
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)2% w/v (20 g/l)
Silicon (SiO2)8% w/v (80 g/l)
Bioactive Agents Of Seaweed2% w/v (20g/l)
Application and Dosage of Silicon Phosphite
· Applied to fruit trees, olive trees, vegetables, ornamental plants, cereals, cucurbits, root crops, peas, beans, alliums etc.
· Foliar application: 500-1000times.
· Fertigation: 1.5-3.0 L/hectare.
Benefit of Silicon Phosphite
· Compatible with most water-soluble fertilizers and pesticides except acidic fertilizers or chemicals.
· Improve shelf life and quality of plant.
· Increase the drought tolerance and heat resistance.
· Enhance microbial activity, promoting eco-friendly organic matter allowing the plants to increase their uptake of essential macro and micronutrients.Phosphite Products
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