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GreenPak-Your Perfect Manufacturer
GreenPak is specialized in the researching, manufacturing and selling flexible multi-layer coextruded functional packaging materials.
GreenPak manufactures strong, high-quality food packaging materials and offers innovative packaging solutions. We know that safe and high-quality food packaging is important to our customers. That is why we offer a full range of rigid film products for food, such as vacuum pouch, embossed vacuum pouch, vacuum sealer rolls, forming film, lidding film, stand up pouches, printed bags, lamination film, VFFS and HFFS material. We have exported to USA, Canada, EU, Russia, South America, Asia and other countries around the world.

Our History
GreenPak was founded in April 2011 and has flourished since then.
We strive to develop new technologies, solutions that adjust to market trends, solve customer problems and build brand identities.
By September 2016, GreenPak has one 9 layers and one 7 layers coextruded film production lines and the annual capacity will reach to 8,000 ton.
By August 2016, GreenPak has 3 splitting lines, 1 embossed film producing line and 7 bag making production lines.

Our approach
GreenPak supplies good packaging to promote product’s value and demonstrate our idea. This idea covers the entire value chain, including suppliers, customers, shareholders, employees, users and the whole society. We not only provide green, healthy and safe packaging, but also promote the value of packed product, at the same time focus on environment, health and safety. We stick to the idea of Success together, Work together!
Our advantage
Manufacturing Excellence
We continue to introduce packaging technology technical support to ensure that our products perform well and meet your precise specifications for clarity, surface, thickness, formulation, and function every time.
High tech manufacturing has made GreenPak top industry in China specialized in food packaging. That means you can reduce total packaging costs without sacrificing quality and product performance with our excellent manufacturing expertise. Our manufacturing practices conserve resources and raw materials.
Food Safety and Hygien
GreenPak always focus on the highest food safety and hygiene. GreenPak’s products are manufactured in a controlled environment to meet the international safety and hygiene. We have received the authority certificate of FDA, CFIA, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001 and QS.
These are the certificate we got as bellow.  The pursuit of the quality will not stop!
Thinking for Customers
We adhere to the idea of pursuing high-quality and try to keep long-term cooperation with customers. We will guide our customers to the right film and assist them to find cost-effective solutions, whatever you needs. We would like to provide free samples and test report for each customer.
Security of Supply
With GreenPak excellent manufacturing, you can always get the film you need. Our production site ensures the security of supply. Our organized production system guarantees the instant delivery. We purchase raw material monthly to meet our large capacity.
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