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About us
Finelink Shenzhen was founded in year of 2009. After 3 years of hard process of research and development, we located at the beautiful sea city – Shenzhen in June 2012.
At the beginning of Finelink’s development, our major business is to study, design and manufacture full lamination equipment & OEM. Our concept of designing and technology of manufacturing reaches international level. And as we own the whole production capability of metal plate machining & test of machine assembly, we can complete the whole process and monitor each link in the production. This ensures us to provide better quality of laminating and contribute high yield of full lamination to our customers.

Finelink has begun to cooperate with international companies to provide the In-house model to our customers to ensure fast and high production yield. This will help to improve our customer’s competition advantage in the industry of touch panel products.

In the year of 2013, Finelink has developed into a high technology company that study, design, manufacture and sell professional large size capacitive touch screen. Nowadays we can perfectly combine the most stable touch screen technology with industry application. We can provide clients with customized demands of diversification within a show time. At present, our company has designed and developed touch screen products and solutions which can be used in industries of consumer electronics, education, medical equipment, electronic industrial control, intelligent home appliances and advertising media, etc.
The company’s major business scope is: large size (10.1-42 inches) capacitive touch screen production and sales, full lamination / optical binding (3.5 - 72 inches) ’s OEM business and joint design, production and sale of large sized laminating equipment productio
2 Point Touch Panel
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